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We love and understand motorcycles. It doesn’t matter if you import the legendary Harley-Davidson, Honda racing, or Yamaha motocross – we will do turnkey customs clearance for you. We can take care of all the shipping, repairs and customization so that by the time you receive your motorcycle it is fully operational.



We are experts in foreign economic activity and these are not just big words. Our employees’ experience reaches 20 years. We have created a team of professionals focused on a “comfortable” result for our client. Years of experience allows us to find a legal way out of the most difficult situations.

Leading strategy

We are one of the first companies for customs brokerage services, which began to process goods in the Import 40EA mode without arrival and payment for the customs terminal or the Import 40 AA mode right at the checkpoint, which also without payment for the terminal

Technical capabilities

Our representative offices in the regions will carry out customs clearance of the goods at the shortest possible distance from the place of unloading, which allows us to reduce logistics costs and shorten the time of cargo delivery.

Closeness to the client

We work around the clock, which allows customs clearance even on weekends, without cargo idle time at the terminal.
We lead the client by the hand 24/7/365, silent assistants, we hear and understand the basic need and what expected results our client should get from us here and now.

Operational superiority

We work on the principle of differentiation – combining impeccable service with operational excellence. Consequence – the time for customs clearance of cargo is minimized

They trust us

We do not abandon the client until all complex issues of deal are fully resolved

How to start working with us?

Features of customs clearance of motorcycles

Motorcycle from the USA

  • Bringing yourself a motorcycle from the USA is the right decision if you want to get a quality unit at a great price, but at the same time you have the time to wait until it is delivered by sea. The advantage of this method is also that the financial burden is spread over time, and you do not need to pay the full amount for the motorcycle itself, customs clearance, certification, etc.
  • It is worth considering that payments on the “American side” (the cost of the auction fee, the cost of a freight forwarder abroad, loading a motorcycle on a ship, the cost of transporting a ship, etc.) are included in the customs value of the motorcycle and are taken into account when calculating the payment of tax burden and customs clearance duties.
  • Therefore, cooperating with us, you get not only the best service, but thanks to our representative office in the USA, cost optimization both in America and in Ukraine.

Motorcycle from any country in the world

  • It does not matter from which country in the world you want to import your motorcycle – we will be happy to help with this. When customs clearance of a motorcycle, there are a number of nuances that you should know and take into account, especially if you are importing a used motorcycle.
  • Our specialists defend customs values for clients every day, and have an appropriate reputation in government agencies.
  • It is thanks to the professional and well-coordinated work, honesty and transparency that the customs clearance process takes a minimum of time and does not require unnecessary costs from you.

Why shouldn't you underestimate the cost of your motorcycle?

Sometimes, when customs clearance of a motorcycle, there is a temptation to understate the cost in order to reduce customs duties.

It is worth considering that such actions are illegal and may incur additional financial burden in favor of the state budget of Ukraine.

The customs service has a number of tools that allow you to check the real value of the imported motorcycle, and if the value is underestimated, it may have a number of questions.

That is why it is important to have a reliable customs broker who will help to defend an honest price in front of the regulatory authorities.

Why you shouldn't use the services of cheap customs brokers?

Usually, a budget customs broker performs the function of a kind of “courier” from one office to another. For little money, he cannot delve into the essence of the cargo you are importing, in this case – a motorcycle, and if the customs service decides to raise the customs value, then he will not defend and legally argue your interests.

A reliable customs broker, like VR GROUP CUSTOMS LOGISTICS, is aimed at a specific result – customs clearance of goods, at the best price for the client. This is due to the fact that all quality brokers are aimed at strengthening their reputation and long-term cooperation.

That is why, working with us, you will know that your interests are reliably defended in the face of all government bodies.


Calculate financial burden

If you do not know the exact amount of financial payments at the border, this can lead to additional costs that you cannot compensate for.

Working with VR GROUP CUSTOMS LOGISTICS, you will be informed and prepared accurately and in advance.

Preparation of documents to the border

There are a number of documents from the country of export that you must provide to the customs office. For example: the motorcycle must be deregistered in the country from which you import it.

We will help you prepare all these documents in the form that is necessary to go through the customs clearance process.

The subtleties of customs clearance

Sometimes, when customs clearance of a motorcycle, a number of payments must be made in cash. Failure to do so can lead to additional costs and delays.

We will be happy to settle all these points for you so that you do not waste your time and energy on such details.

Delay is like a penalty

It is not worth delaying the customs clearance process, as this entails additional costs in the form of fines.

We will help you meet the government’s deadlines for payments and procedures.


What documents do I need to have for customs clearance of a motorcycle?
  1. Invoice;
  2. Technical certificate;
  3. Extract from the registration in the country of registration;
  4. Copy of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine pages 1, 2, + a copy of the registration page;
  5. Tax payer number of a citizen of Ukraine;
  6. Shipping document for carriage (CMR, bill of lading, air waybill);
  7. Agreement on the provision of customs brokerage services or power of attorney;

Attention: when a vehicle enters the register of intellectual property of goods, you need to contact the holder of the intellectual property rights of TM (trademark) for permission to import the goods (motorcycle) into the territory of Ukraine.

How to calculate motorcycle customs duties and what do they depend on?

Formulas for calculating customs duties for a motorcycle customs clearance:

  • Duty – 10% of the motorcycle price
  • The excise rate is calculated as follows:

– up to 500 cm3. – 0,062 euro/сm3

– 500-800сm3. – 0,443 euro/сm3

– 800сm3 and more – 0,447 euro/сm3

  • VAT – 20% from (cost + duty + excise)
  • The amount of customs payments (duty + excise tax + VAT)
How much does a motorcycle customs clearance service cost?

The cost of customs clearance of the motorcycle is 450 USD at the rate of the NBU, it is also worth noting that if required, we will receive all the necessary documents for customs clearance.

I am traveling with a motorcycle, how can I arrange customs clearance?

To do this, you just need to tell us about your desire to do this, and provide the necessary package of documents.

You can tell us your route, and we will find you a convenient place for customs clearance along your way.

With the help of electronic declaration, you can clear the goods at any internal customs office of Ukraine, as well as at a checkpoint or at the border, but you need to take into account the specifics of such customs clearance.

What is intellectual property? For example on Harley-Davidson

Intellectual property is the exclusive right of an individual or legal entity to own intangible property.

In this case, it is the ownership of the Harley-Davidson name. In Ukraine, this exclusive right to sell this trademark is assigned only to the official Harley-Davidson representative in Ukraine.

In other words, if you want to import a motorcycle of this brand, you will need to obtain permission from its official representative office in Ukraine.

Where is the best place to clear a motorcycle: at the border or at the local customs office?

In this case, the best option for customs clearance is the regional customs office.

One of the disadvantages of customs clearance at the border is the inability to pay customs payments with a bank card, all the money will have to be given in cash, which means you have to have it with you.

If you are traveling, it is more comfortable to clear customs at the regional customs office. While the motorcycle is clearing customs or going through customs control procedures, you have time to see the city and visit the city’s attractions.

Feedback from our partners

«OTP Leasing» expresses its sincere gratitude to the staff of the "VR-GROUP" company for many years of fruitful cooperation, attentive attitude and assistance in resolving issues of customs brokerage clearance of goods.

For high professionalism in resolving customs clearance issues, which contributed to the rapid receipt by the National Television Company of Ukraine from the European Broadcasting Union of unique equipment for the hybrid network "Funa" - we express our sincere gratitude to the team of the "VR-GROUP" company

«EUROFORMAT PLANT» has been conducting foreign economic activity for over 5 years. During this period of time, we have cooperated with many brokerage firms and already have an idea of how services in the field of customs clearance should be provided.

Six months ago, we started working with the firm "VR-GROUP" and later forgot about many problems associated with customs clearance.

Brokerage services are to some extent very individual, and «VR-GROUP» always manages to find an individual approach to each client and provide high-quality services.

And now – without officialdom © The guys are just great

It is pleasant to resolve work issues with a professional team, which, while maintaining a work ethic, at the same time has a business «friendly conversation» with the client. Such an atmosphere has a positive effect on the work process and the overall result. For the «warm and relaxed», but at the same time business «climate» in the team – special thanks to the company's management.

During this short period, we felt that «VR-GROUP» is not only a reliable partner and high-level customs brokerage specialists who know their business, but also wonderful people.

The «Dinternal Education» company - the largest importer of educational and fiction literature in Ukraine, which faced the task of replacing the logistics company in an extremely short time, decided to start cooperation with the company «VR-GROUP».

Starting from the first day of cooperation, the «VR-GROUP» company has shown itself to be a reliable partner in customs logistics, which you can rely on in solving any difficult situations of customs clearance of goods

The company "TH" KMW" LLC expresses its gratitude to VR-GROUP" LLC and its employees for their cooperation and high level of service.

A client-oriented approach, an understanding of our not simple needs and tasks, an integrated approach to customs clearance of used equipment of the SIDEL filling line for our production needs, made it possible to judge your high professionalism in the provision of a complex of customs broker services and transportation.

For many years of doing business in Ukraine, Danone LLC had the opportunity to cooperate with many companies providing customs brokerage services.

However, in one year of work with "VR-GROUP" LLC we were pleasantly impressed by the qualifications of its personnel and a comprehensive approach to the study and solution of the assigned tasks.

With this letter, the "VINFORT" company expresses its deep gratitude to the team of "VR-GROUP" customs brokers, who showed high professionalism and proper performance of their duties, as well as excellent human qualities at all stages of the implementation of foreign economic operations, in the process of customs clearance of the cargo "beet molasses", in the "export" mode, at the Poltava customs in the period June-September 2012.
Looking forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation.

"TEXTIL-CONTACT" LLC expresses deep respect and sincere gratitude

"VR-GROUP" LLC for the professionalism and high-quality services provided in the field of customs brokerage, namely in the project preparation of documents and defending the interests of the company.

Despite the large volume of the batch of used equipment, customs clearance was carried out in the shortest possible time.

We express our confidence in maintaining the established friendly relations.

We highly appreciate the professionalism of the staff of LLC "VR-GROUP" for the promptness in decision-making, for well-coordinated work and for the ability to quickly respond to all our requests.

SEF "Ecotekhnika-M" considers the "VR-GROUP" company as a reliable and stable partner in organizing and carrying out customs clearance of goods, as well as other brokerage services.

We can confidently recommend LLC "VR-GROUP" as a leading company in the market of customs brokerage services, which is distinguished by its high professionalism and authority. Working with the "VR-GROUP" company, you can always be sure of achieving the desired result!

During the work with "VR-GROUP" LLC, its employees have established themselves as qualified customs brokers who are well versed in the issues of customs clearance of goods in Kyiv, Odessa, confidently possessing the skills of assigning the correct item code.

The ability to quickly resolve emerging issues can significantly save material, labor and human resources. It is impossible not to note the flexibility of work and the friendly attitude towards the customer. Optimization of the clearance process made it possible to process incoming goods extremely quickly, and, taking into account real prices for services, to achieve a significant economic effect.

We wish the company's team to continue to work as quickly and efficiently.

"MAGO UKRAINE" expresses its sincere gratitude to the management and staff of "VR-GROUP" LLC for providing high-quality and timely customs brokerage services for customs clearance of equipment.

During many years of fruitful cooperation with "VR-GROUP" LLC, customs brokers and specialists of this company have established themselves as a team of high-level professionals, with such qualities as decency, reliability, as well as a caring attitude to their work. It's always a pleasure to communicate with this team.

We wish you successful development, economic stability, confidence in your abilities!

Finnish Construction Materials LLC has been using the services of VR-GROUP LLC for customs clearance of products since 2013. During our cooperation, the specialists of VR-GROUP LLC demonstrated awareness of their work, responsibility, efficiency in work, the best professional qualities.

On behalf of the management and the entire staff of RITERNA-UA LLC, we express our sincere gratitude to the staff of VR-GROUP LLC for many years of work in providing customs brokerage services.

Throughout the period of cooperation, you have demonstrated a high level of professionalism, promptly responded to emergency situations.

Your organization has established itself as a reliable partner, able to qualitatively fulfill the obligations of cargo and customs declaration of goods.

We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

By this letter, the European Business Association confirms that VR-GROUP LLC is a member of the European Business Association from 27-01-2020. Membership for 2020 has been extended.


The VR-GROUP company was founded in 2010, we provide services in the field of customs logistics, namely: customs brokerage services, audit services for foreign economic activity, customs clearance of cars and special equipment, customs clearance of complex and non-standard cargo equipment. Read more


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