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We provide a whole range of services. You do not need to worry about logistics, customs clearance, repairs, certification and other necessary things before registering a car. We take care of all of this. Our main principle of work in the field of customs clearance is “Sat down and go”. By the time the car arrives in your city, it will be completely ready for use.



We are experts in foreign economic activity and these are not just big words. Our employees’ experience reaches 20 years. We have created a team of professionals focused on a “comfortable” result for our client. Years of experience allows us to find a legal way out of the most difficult situations.

Leading strategy

We are one of the first companies for customs brokerage services, which began to process goods in the Import 40EA mode without arrival and payment for the customs terminal or the Import 40 AA mode right at the checkpoint, which also without payment for the terminal

Technical capabilities

Our representative offices in the regions will carry out customs clearance of the goods at the shortest possible distance from the place of unloading, which allows us to reduce logistics costs and shorten the time of cargo delivery.

Closeness to the client

We work around the clock, which allows customs clearance even on weekends, without cargo idle time at the terminal.
We lead the client by the hand 24/7/365, silent assistants, we hear and understand the basic need and what expected results our client should get from us here and now.

Operational superiority

We work on the principle of differentiation – combining impeccable service with operational excellence. Consequence – the time for customs clearance of cargo is minimized

They trust us

We do not abandon the client until all complex issues of deal are fully resolved


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How to start working with us?

Features of car customs clearance

Cars from the USA

  • Buying a car in the USA is a really great way to get a quality car at a bargain price.
  • When customs clearance of such a car, it is worth considering that a number of payments on the “American side” (the cost of the auction fee, the cost of a freight forwarder abroad, loading a car on a ship, the cost of transportation by ship, etc.) are included in the customs value of the car.
  • This means that the tax will be calculated taking into account all these payments. That is why it is important to choose a reliable customs broker with its own representative office in the USA in order to get the best prices both in the USA and Ukraine.

Cars from Europe

  • A car from Europe is also a good way to make a profitable purchase.
  • In this case, the financial burden on logistics and other costs is less, but the cost of a similar car will be higher than in the United States.
  • An important point: when driving a car from the EU (European Union) on your own, you must draw up an export declaration in the exporting country and a preliminary declaration for crossing the state border of Ukraine. Otherwise, it will be necessary to issue a security deposit.
  • We will be happy to help you with the preparation of these documents.

How to calculate the cost of a car customs clearance?

The customs value or customs clearance of the car depends on the following parameters (also do not forget that you need to add the costs that were for the delivery of the car to the border):

  • vehicle type (passenger car, truck, electric car or hybrid car);
  • the cost of the vehicle;
  • volume and type of engine (gasoline, or diesel, or battery capacity);
  • year of car production.

According to the new laws 8487/8488, it is most profitable to buy used cars no older than 2-6 years. The following coordinate system:

  • The volume of the engine affects the cost of customs duties in proportion to the displacement – the smaller the volume of the engine, as a result, the cheaper it is.
  • The older the vehicle is, the more expensive it will cost to clear customs.

How are electric vehicles or hybrids cleared?

Electric vehicles – the most loyal conditions for import until 2022 are for electric vehicles, both American and European.

Payments are as follows:

  • excise duty is charged 1 euro for each 1 kW of battery;
  • duty 0%;
  • VAT – 0%;

Hybrids – the procedure for customs clearance is more complicated, you need to be ready to defend your payments, because there is a letter of law and a practice.

Payments are as follows:

  • excise duty – 100 euros/unit;
  • duty – 10%;
  • VAT – 20%;

In order for the duty to be 100 euros per piece, the car must have a certain design, where the internal combustion engine is not mechanically connected to the wheels, but performs only the function of an electric generator – then customs clearance will take place just like this. There are a number of BMWi3 and VOLT cars and other models where controversial issues arise. We emphasize: practice and the letter of the law are different stories.

What else is worth knowing about car customs clearance?

Defending the real value of the car

There are often situations when the customs authorities believe that the real price of the car ishigher than the one indicated in your declaration, and you are obliged to pay all payments with a larger amount.

This is a very unpleasant situation that entails additional financial costs.

VR-GROUP CUSTOMS LOGISTICS has vast experience in resolving such disputes and ways to prove the real value of your car to the customs service.

Car repair

We can provide car repairs at the stations of our partners.

Where, by the time the car arrives at the service station, they will already know about all the damage, necessary work and required spare parts.

This will help save both time and money on repairs.

We will help you buy a car in the USA

One of the divisions of VR GROUP CUSTOMS LOGISTICS is VR AUTO, whose narrow specialization is the selection and delivery of turnkey cars from the USA.

First, we select the best option for you at the auction. We check your future car not only by CARFAX, but also physically through our own dealership in the United States.

After winning our lot, we draw up all the necessary documents for transporting a car to the port, loading it onto a ship, etc.

Then we draw up all the documents on the Ukrainian side, repair the car, go through state certification and get a state number for you.

More details can be found on the website:

Car check

If you have doubts about the history of the car, its previous owner or its real mileage and condition, then we can check all the necessary data.

To do this, we use open and our own closed sources, we check the authenticity of information, and everything so that you are confident in the quality of the car that you bring into the territory of Ukraine.


What documents are needed for customs clearance of a car? What is the procedure for customs clearance of a car?

Documents for car customs clearance:

  • Purchase and sale;
  • Document on the removal of the vehicle from registration abroad:
  • Technical passport for the car;
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine, TIN code;
  • *Money to pay taxes.

Car customs clearance procedure:

  1. Set of customs declaration;
  2. We inform the client about the amount of customs payments and wait for payment;
  3. Submission of the declaration to the customs authorities of Ukraine;
  4. Registration of a customs declaration – the car is customs cleared;

actions after customs and car repair, if necessary:

*carry out the certification of the car;

*make a car registration.

What payments will be made to customs for customs clearance of the car?
  1. Import duty – 10% of the customs value of the vehicle. The exception is buses with diesel engines with a volume of more than 5 liters, designed to carry more than 10 people. (20%) and electric vehicles (0%).
  2. Excise duty – calculated individually, depending on the type of vehicle, volume and type of engine (gasoline, diesel, hybrid, electric car). For electric vehicles until 2022, 1 euro for each 1 kW of battery.
  3. VAT – 20% of the amount of the customs value of the car, excise duty and import duty. For electric vehicles at the moment – 0%.
  4. Pension fund – at the first registration of a car on the territory of Ukraine from abroad, you need to pay from 3% to 5% of the cost, for example, an American car or a European one, etc. Therefore, when registering a car, do not forget to take documents and money.
Can a car be cleared at the border at the checkpoint?

Yes, it can be.

Please note that in this case you must have cash with you, because there are no terminals at the cash desks at the border, and so you don’t run there and waste your time looking for ATMs to withdraw cash.

But this can only be done with trusted companies or people, because experience and practice show that unexpected surprises can occur.

We recommend that you ask questions in advance and prepare in advance for customs clearance of a car or other vehicle.

Can an American car be cleared outside Odesa?

Yes, you can, for this you just need to leave a request for customs clearance of the car, our customs agents check and prepare the documents for customs clearance. According to the preliminary declaration, you will go to the regional customs office and at the place you will be able to go through the customs clearance procedure for the car for import.

Why did my friend overpay for a car at customs?

A rhetorical question. The overpayment or normal payment factor has a reason or the correct answer for sure.

You need to familiarize yourself with his documents, which he submitted to customs, but we can talk about classic situations when customs raises the cost:

First, American cars are much easier to clear through customs than European ones.

Secondly, mainly on American cars, they can raise the customs value, provided that during the check it is determined that not a real invoice was issued, but for example, understated by 30-50% at best. Here lies the answer, why American cars are easier to determine the cost, there are a lot of resources on the Internet where it will be seen how much you purchased this car – therefore, work with professionals and trusted companies not only when everything is fine, since overpayments can be more 100 000 UAH.

Can I import a car for a legal entity?

Yes, it can be, and at the same time you get a tax credit, which cannot but rejoice and warm up your company’s account 🙂

ATTENTION: do not forget to pass your legal entity’s accreditation at the regional customs.

If you have any questions, leave a request, and our specialists will call you back shortly. They will prepare for you all the documents for accreditation of your legal entity, so that the customs clearance procedure is as comfortable and painless as possible for you.

How to clear a car through customs?

In order to clear a car through customs, you need to find an experienced broker who knows the entire customs clearance procedure and will give advice to a customs broker who will help you with the clearance. We also draw your attention to the fact that the law does not prohibit the independent customs clearance of a car without a customs broker at the regional customs office or at the checkpoint at the border.

How much does a customs broker cost to clear a car?

Each customs broker has a completely different price from 100 – 500 USD at the NBU rate and higher for customs clearance of a car, but remember that saving on customs brokerage services can lead to even greater overpayments during customs clearance of a car. Therefore, pay attention not only to advertising, but also to the recommendations and reputation of a customs broker, both in life and on the Internet.

How to get a car certified? / Where can I get a car certification? / How much does a car certification cost?

Certification takes place in any certification center in Ukraine. But if you need a comfortable certification, we will assign you to our partners for car certification.

The cost of certification depends on the certification center and the parameters of your car. The average cost of certification is 4500-9000 UAH.


The VR-GROUP company was founded in 2010, we provide services in the field of customs logistics, namely: customs brokerage services, audit services for foreign economic activity, customs clearance of cars and special equipment, customs clearance of complex and non-standard cargo equipment. Read more


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