Car delivery from the USA

It is more profitable to order a car from the USA than to buy it in Ukraine, or even more so than on European license plates. Usually, such an operation takes 2-3 months, taking into account delivery and legal registration, and at the same time you win up to 40% of the car’s market value. It is also worth considering that the operation in the USA and its operation in Ukraine are “two big differences” due to the difference in the quality of the road surface and quality control of service and the history of American cars.




We are a large customs and logistics company and we organize door-to-door delivery of cars from the USA. You will not need to worry about documents, customs clearance, certification, we will do it all for you.

Car check system

We check your new car completely. This includes checking the history of the car by CARFAX, and a physical inspection with video fixation, and many other operations that exclude the purchase of a “pig in a poke”. Working with us, you can be sure that you will buy a great car that will not have any problems.


We do not have hidden payments, we provide a full and open calculation of the cost of the car, we schedule the stages of payment. You will be able to plan your finances and be sure that you will not pay a single hryvnia more than it will be in calculation.

Representative office in the USA

We have our own real representative office in the USA, whose employees are engaged in checking your car at the place, as well as providing legal support for the car in America.

Operational superiority

We work on the principle of differentiation – combining impeccable service with operational excellence. As a result, the time for customs clearance, certification and registration of the car is reduced to a minimum, both temporary and financial.

They trust us

We do not leave the client in difficult situations. We always help and are responsible for our work. That is why in our portfolio you can see letters of recommendation from well-known Ukrainian and international companies.

How to start working with us?

Features of buying a car from the USA

When is it not worth buying a car FROM THE USA?

  • There are situations when buying a car in the USA is not the best decision. Most often, this situation occurs when it is necessary here-and-now. After all, for example, shipping from the United States by sea takes on average 60 days, and not everyone can wait that long. But it is worth remembering that during these 2-3 months of waiting, you get an excellent car at a price more favorable than in Ukraine at times.
  • We strongly recommend that you think about the possibility of ordering a car from the USA, both for an individual and for a legal entity. The procedure for buying an American car for a legal entity is practically the same in the conceptual diagram.

How do they cheat and what to watch out for?

  • There are a lot of small firms on the Ukrainian market that provide such services, but we want to draw attention to where the risks may lie.
  • Firstly, it is a selection of car. The specialist engaged in the selection must be experienced and have a good understanding of cars of the American market, know all the subtle points and pitfalls in order for you to buy a 100% high-quality American car. Such specialists are expensive and small firms cannot afford them.
  • Secondly, checking a car also costs money. Alas, CARFAX alone is not enough to be sure, therefore it is extremely important to have a live dealership in the United States, which is responsible for checking and delivering the car across the USA.
  • Thirdly, “unforeseen situations”. As long as everything goes according to plan, problems usually do not arise, but if an emergency occurs, the risks multiply. That is why responsible and reputable companies insure the goods of their clients until the moment they arrive at the destination port.
  • Think about whether you are ready to take such risks for a couple of hundred dollars?

Cars from the USA for legal entities

You can order a car from the United States by registering it for your company as a legal entity. This will give you a number of advantages:

  • You receive VAT on the company
  • You can take a car for expenses with subsequent spending on it
  • You can put refueling and car maintenance at expenses
  • The opportunity to take advantage of a loan or lease is absolutely real and simple

Delivery of MOTOcycles, boats, yachts and special equipment from the USA

  • You can order not only a car, but also a motorcycle, for example. In general, we can bring you everything that drives or floats with full “white” registration. If you dream of Harley Davidson, or are looking for profitable special equipment for your company, then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.
  • Boat delivery is a separate passion of us. If you, like us, are an avid fisherman or just a fan of water, then we will clearly have something to talk about.

What else is worth knowing about a car from the USA?

Selection of car

The selection of a car will be carried out by our specialist, taking into account all your wishes. He will select 3-5 options for you, describe all the advantages and disadvantages, and you just have to say which of the cars should be yours.

You won’t need to rack your brains and doubt the quality, because we are responsible for the absolute reliability in the selection.

Buying a car at the auction

We work with the best and largest American auctions. Thanks to the existing system, you do not need to pay the entire amount at once – this allows you to optimally distribute the financial burden.

After the car is repurchased at the auction, it will be delivered to the port of departure and delivery will take from 30 to 60 days to the port of Odesa.

Car repair

Before a car is certified for compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, the paintwork must be completely restored on it, as well as the brake system, transmission and engine must be checked.

At your request, we can take care of the car repair at a specialized service station of our partners.

Certification and registration

After the repair, the car is certified and registered with state authorities – you get Ukrainian license plates.

Then you can do whatever you want with the car: go abroad, sell, give away, or just enjoy the ride.


What is the sequence of purchasing an American car?
  1. Leave a request on our website, get a consultation, choose a car at an auction.
  2. Your deposit for bidding in the auction. We trade selected lots until we win the desired vehicle.
  3. Payment of the won lot and auction commission
  4. Car delivery in the USA from auction to the port of dispatch
  5. We forward the car and send it by sea to Ukraine
  6. Payment for services of the transport company
  7. The car is delivered-unloaded to the port of destination and passes through the forwarding border
  8. Our customs department updates customs payments and you pay directly to the customs of Ukraine.
  9. We deliver the car by an auto transporter to the destination
  10. Car repair at yours or at our friendly service stations
  11. Car certification procedure
  12. Car registration and payment to the pension fund
What are the dangerous car damage?

The most dangerous are those damages that cannot be estimated from the photos and data provided by the auction. These include waterflood, undercarriage, mechanical and similar damage, where the main damage is hidden.

Will someone check the car in the USA?

Yes – we can carry out an individual inspection of the selected lot, the price varies from 150 to 350 USD, depending on the state and the distance of the site with the car.

How much will the car eventually cost?

The final cost of an American car depends on many factors: the auction rate, the auction fee, the location of the auction, the cost of space in the container, from which coast of the USA it will be shipped.

For an accurate calculation, it is better to leave a request on the website and our specialist will provide a detailed calculation.

Can I import a car for a legal entity?

Yes you can, and at the same time you get a tax credit, which cannot please and warm up your company’s account 🙂

ATTENTION: Do not forget to pass your legal entity’s accreditation at the regional customs.

If you have any questions,leave a request and our specialists will call you back in the near future. They will prepare for you all the documents for the accreditation of your legal entity so that the customs clearance procedure is as comfortable and painless as possible for you.

Our parent company has more than 10 years of experience in customs clearance in large cargo flows, including customs clearance of used cars, which is not a simple procedure.

I want to pick up the car from the port by myself and drive it to the customs

We do not recommend picking up the car from the port on your own, or rather, we do not recommend driving the car until it has passed the technical inspection and service of all the necessary components.

We recommend that you deliver the car from the United States from the port by car transporter or tow truck to the place of its customs clearance, and after the procedure of customs clearance of the car, it will be delivered to you at the service station for repairing your American car.

Do I pay for every auction bid?

We will select the US lot for trading with its preliminary verification.

Your task is to maximize the choice of American cars. You do not need to pay for each participation in the auction.


The VR-GROUP company was founded in 2010, we provide services in the field of customs logistics, namely: customs brokerage services, audit services for foreign economic activity, customs clearance of cars and special equipment, customs clearance of complex and non-standard cargo equipment. Read more


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